Jewish Entrepreneurial Think Tank (JETT) is an exclusive new community for aspiring Jewish business professionals in college. JETT members will have the opportunity to work with SJE members on actual for-profit projects. SJE members will provide them with valuable work experience, mentorship, and a network that can act as a starting point, leading to future internships and jobs.

Key Aspects and Membership Benefits

Student Think Tank

Young minds offer fresh perspectives and access to top professors. SJE members will have access to the JETT members to assist them in projects, marketing endeavors, etc. Given JETT’s rigid recruitment criteria, the students will have the knowledge base and ability to successfully perform and complete projects commissioned by the seasoned members. 

Business Incubator:

Incubator Project Mission:

To provide early stage companies with the capital, advice, relationships and guidance to facilitate their emergence out of the "start-up" stage and into "next stage", profitable operations. This outline/drafting phase will commence during the last week in May with an estimated completion time of June 15th.Team members contributing to this project will be working directly with JeffStone at his office in downtown Miami. 


An initial, core goal of incubator leadership will be to identify and acquire an acceptable commercial property located within the Design District/Wynnwood area. Once acquired, the property will be developed and converted into an office space specifically designed to nurture and enable those companies in which we choose to invest.  While resident in our incubator space, companies will enjoy the benefits of the collective knowledge, experiences and resources of our investors. Incubator investors and supporters will strive to create an atmosphere conducive to the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and commercial success. Incubator leadership will build and maintain an environment within which creative people can flourish, early stage companies will thrive, and a vital community of Miami 's future business leaders will emerge.  


SJE/JETT Involvement:

While the investments we make will not be limited to Jewish owned and operated companies, it will be a major focus of the project to promote and further the ideals of the SJE andJETT programs.  It is our hope, and indeed a priority, that SJE members participate both in the funding of the project, as well as active, ongoing interaction with incubator residents, by providing life lessons, experience and expertise accumulated over the many years of their successful business careers.Such interaction and support from Miami’s Jewish business leadership will inure to the downstream benefit of the greater Miami Jewish community,as recipients of significant funding and mentorship will forge an overarching appreciation of those who have willingly given of their resources and expertise.